Economic Development

Economic Development

AESA is strongly committed to fostering economic growth, promoting private sector development, and encouraging investment, all with a strong emphasis on sustainability and holistic development. With a track record of over 50 successful technical assistance and capacity building projects, we maintain long-term collaborations with various donor agencies, including the European Commission, GIZ, the World Bank, USAID, and the African Development Bank.

Economic development and technical assistance are pivotal for fostering prosperity. Technical aid equips nations with expertise, improving infrastructure and productivity, propelling economic growth, reducing poverty, and advancing global stability through shared knowledge and resources.

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AESA specialises in various aspects of
economic development

AESA provides short- and long-term technical assistance and capacity-building support to Ministries, Governments, public entities, and non-State stakeholders. We aid in crafting effective policies, enhancing existing institutional structures, and boosting overall efficiency.

Trade development, investment promotion and Regional Economic Integration

Trade development opens doors to global markets, investment promotion fuels economic growth, and regional economic integration strengthens cooperation, driving shared prosperity and stability in a connected world.


Regional Development

Regional development thrives through inter-regional collaboration and effective policies. Local development initiatives empower communities. Regional integration and cross-border cooperation enhance connectivity. Training, monitoring, and evaluation ensure sustained progress.


Private Sector Development

Private Sector Development thrives with an enabling environment, offering business support services, fostering partnerships, and facilitating investments. Embracing corporate social responsibility promotes inclusive, sustainable businesses while addressing cross-cutting issues.


Provided services

Trade development, investment promotion and Regional Economic Integration

Design and implementation of trade development and investment promotion projects

Trade and foreign investment policies and advice to executing bodies for policy implementation

Removal of technical barriers to trade, support in implementing the SPS agreements

WTO accession

Trade Policy and Regulations/ Enabling Environment

Regional development

Inter-regional co-operation, regional development policy

Local development

Regional Integration

Cross border cooperation


Monitoring and evaluation

Private Sector Development

Enabling environment

Business development services (incl. entrepreneurship programmes for start-ups)

Business partnerships and Investment facilitation

Corporate social responsibility, inclusive/sustainable business

Cross-cutting issues (SME, tourism, value chains, cultural industries)

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