Agricultural & rural Development

Agricultural & rural Development

AESA is committed to fostering thriving communities and sustainable agriculture. We excel in farm management, fostering agribusiness growth, and optimising livestock practises. Our expertise extends to food production, safety, security, and quality assurance. Additionally, we provide comprehensive services in veterinary care, plant health, and fishery and aquaculture. Our core mission is to enhance capacity, drive innovation, and ensure sustainability in these critical sectors, contributing to vibrant, prosperous communities.

Agricultural and rural development projects play a pivotal role in alleviating poverty, enhancing food security, and fostering economic stability in rural communities. They empower individuals, strengthen local economies, and promote sustainable land management practises, contributing to a brighter future.

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AESA specialises in various areas of
agricultural and rural development

This includes farm management, agribusiness development, and livestock management. We also provide expertise in food production, safety, security, and quality, as well as veterinary, plant health, and fishery and aquaculture services. Our focus is on capacity building, innovation, and sustainability in these sectors.

Agricultural and Rural Development

AESA specialises in agricultural policy, providing technical assistance, capacity building, and programme design and evaluation. We support producer organisations, facilitate partnerships, manage agencies, promote rural finance, enhance agricultural statistics, and drive sustainable agriculture and rural development.


Farm Management and Agribusiness Development

AESA excels in farm management and agribusiness development, offering expertise in investment appraisal, agribusiness operations, value chains, livestock management, training, and innovative technology integration.


Food production

AESA focuses on strengthening competent authorities through capacity building. We provide expertise in food law, safety, security, quality, control, standards, nutrition, risk analysis, and establishment of national food authorities.


Veterinary and Animal Health

AESA specialises in establishing and enhancing competent authorities in veterinary and animal health. We offer expertise in veterinary information systems, animal identification, legislation, border inspection posts, animal welfare, zoonoses, and sanitary standards.


Plant Health

AESA excels in enhancing and establishing competent authorities across various sectors, including veterinary, animal health, phytosanitary, and plant health. We provide technical assistance, develop protocols, conduct risk analysis, and ensure compliance through legislation and accreditation.


Fishery and Aquaculture

AESA specialises in maritime and inland fishery management, ensuring hygiene and quality standards for fishery products. We support sustainable practises in both aquatic environments.


Provided services

Agricultural and Rural Development

Agricultural policy

Technical assistance and capacity building of managing authorities and other relevant public administrations

Design, evaluation and implementation of Rural Development Programmes

Technical assistance for setting up producers and marketing organisation

Preparation of calls for proposals and project proposals

Technical support to facilitate the establishment and development of local communities and public-private partnerships

Technical assistance for the establishment, development and management of Paying Agencies

Rural Finance

Agricultural Statistics and Farm accountancy

Procurement of agricultural products and equipment

Extension and Rural Advisory Services

Promotion of agricultural products

Rural Infrastructures


Land governance

Sustainable agriculture and agroecologies approaches

Farm Management and Agribusiness Development

Investments Appraisals, Planning and Feasibility Studies

Agribusiness Management and Farming Operations

Agricultural Value Chains (Crop Production, Processing, Marketing, Distribution) etc.

Livestock Management and Breeding

Design and delivery of trainings in farm management and agribusiness development

Introduction and application of new technologies (IoT, precision farming etc.)

Food Production

Capacity and Institutional Building of competent authorities

Food Law

Food Safety

Food Security

Food Quality

Food Control

Food Standards


Establishment of National Food Authorities

Food risk analysis, assessment and communication

Design, setting up and upgrading of food control laboratories and training in laboratory equipment

Food chain traceability

Designing and implementing trainings for staff of competent authorities in the areas of food safety, control, quality and hygiene

Veterinary and Animal Health

Establishment and Capacity Building of competent authorities in Veterinary and Animal health issues

Veterinary Information Systems

Setting up Animal Identification and Registration Systems (AI&R Systems)

Veterinary Legislation

Establishment and management of Border Inspection Posts(BIP)

Animal Welfare

Contingency Plans


SPS (Sanitary and phytosanitary standards)

Plant Health

Establishment and Capacity building and strengthening of Competent Authorities

Technical Assistance to State Phytosanitary Laboratories

Setting up protocols and procedures for inspection systems for phytosanitary products

Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)

Plant health protection measures

Plant health database software and management

Phytosanitary legislation

Traceability systems

Standardisation, certification and accreditation


Fishery and Aquaculture

Maritime fishery

Inland Fishery

Hygiene of fishery products

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