Technical Assistance to the ACP Secretariat for the management of the ACP-EU Culture Programme

Economic Development, Governance & Human Development,



01/2019 - 01/2025

ACP Secretariat

3,800,000 €

The general objective of the “ACP-EU Program towards a viable cultural industry” (ACP-EU Culture Programme) of which this contract is part is to “support the contribution of the cultural and creative sectors to the socio-economic development of ACP countries, via:
a) the creation/production of quality goods and services, at a competitive cost and in increased quantity, though digital technology;
b) access to national, regional and international markets, circulation/distribution/promotion of ACP goods and services and film education;
c) improving access to funding through innovative mechanisms, allowing co-funding and aiming to reduce the dependence of ACP cultural operators on international funding.