What we do

AESA offers a wide range of services globally, tailored to support international sustainable development. The expertise spans from Agriculture, Economic Development, Governance & Human Development, and Climate Change, Environment and Renewable Energy.

Our services cater to various clients, including public and private sectors, NGOs, and citizens’ groups. AESA’s offerings encompass project management, institutional strengthening, policy advice, information systems, financial studies, and more, contributing comprehensively to sustainable development efforts.

Our objective

Our mission centres on delivering specialised, high-quality services and creative, client-specific solutions in agriculture, rural development, trade, economic development, social development, and environmental management. At AESA, our commitment to achieving this mission is reflected in our core values. Our funding primarily originates from international financing institutions and regional development banks and entities.

How we do it

AESA excels in providing top-notch management and advisory services for global cooperation projects, policy development, and technical support for sustainable rural, social, and economic development. Our project portfolio spans diverse areas such as economic reform, poverty reduction, education, gender equality, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

Our approach combines technical knowledge, international and local expertise, and solid operational and planning insights. We firmly believe in the localisation of development effort, using local resources for local development we enhance ownership and sustainability of project results.

Together, a better tomorrow

Are you an expert that’s looking for a new opportunity? Or looking for a innovating long-term solution, we will be happy to work together and help.

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