Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy

Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy

AESA is at the forefront of climate change, environment, and renewable energy projects worldwide. With a wealth of expertise, AESA leads initiatives that address pressing environmental challenges. From biodiversity conservation to sustainable resource management and renewable energy solutions, we are dedicated to creating a greener and more sustainable future for communities globally, partnering with organisations and governments to drive positive environmental change.

Through our dedicated efforts and the successful execution of numerous development projects, AESA has achieved recognition as an Admitted Observer Organisation at UNFCCC COPs, a member of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), and an Accredited Entity within the Green Climate Fund Community of Practises.

AESA specialises in various aspects of
Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy

AESA offers Ministries, Governments, public organisations, and non-State stakeholders both short- and long-term technical assistance and capacity-building support. Our expertise lies in helping shape effective policies and enhancing a comprehensive array of services within the domains of Environment, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy.

Climate Change

AESA’s focus includes Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, featuring long-standing integration of climate concerns into rural development projects. We have excelled in Climate Mitigation through field actions, policy support, and decision-making aid. Pioneering Climate Services and Innovation, AESA collaborates with research centres, providing solutions in GIS, environmental management, and early warning systems.



AESA excels in nature protection and conservation, securing protected areas and aiding endangered species. We combat deforestation emissions with REDD+ initiatives, address pollution with advanced technologies, and empower clients in environmental strategies. Our projects strengthen water sanitation and health, supporting sustainable resource management in line with green and blue economy principles.


Renewable Energy

Committed to advancing sustainable practises, AESA actively engages in shaping Energy Policies that promote eco-friendly solutions. We develop innovative Renewable Energy strategies, driving the transition towards cleaner power sources. Our dedication to low carbon development ensures a greener, more sustainable future for communities and nations.


Provided services

Climate Change

CC Adaptation and Mitigation

Climate Policy support

Nature-Based solutions

Capacity Building

Climate finance

Climate services, climatology, forecast and modelling

Technical assistance for Climate Negotiations

Climate Change Mainstreaming into national development policies

Low carbon development and carbon footprint assessment


Nature protection and conservation

Biodiversity conservation

Technical study and advisory support to national governments and international institutions

Environmental policy support

EU approximation on Chapter 27


Capacity Building

Assessment for protected areas establishment and management

Climate-smart agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources

Renewable Energy

Energy Policies

Renewable Energy strategies

Energy efficiency

Climate Resilient energy infrastructures

Rural electrification and development

Urban resilience

Low carbon development

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