Technical Assistance for Increased Agricultural Production of Smallholders in South Sudan

Agriculture & Rural Development, Economic Development, Governance & Human Development,


South Sudan

03/2017 - 12/2022

EU Delegation to South Sudan

3,533,850 €

The overall objective of this contract is to improve the efficiency of food systems in four states of South Sudan.
The purpose of this contract is to increase the smallholders’ agricultural production in selected project areas. The technical assistance procured under this contract will set up a Project Monitoring and Coordination Unit (PMCU) and will be responsible for coordination, oversight, monitoring, supervision, knowledge management and evaluation, including support and advisory services to projects managed by implementing partners and funded under the EU’s rural development programmes in South Sudan. The PMCU will support the harmonisation of key approaches and identify and facilitate the implementation of best practices provided by implementing partners to final beneficiaries.