Actualización con Tecnología de Micro Servicios para la Implementación del Sistema de Control de Gestión para la Coordinación Interinstitucional en los puestos de control de frontera de Nicaragua


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15/11/2022 – 31/03/2023



On November 13, 2017, a Consulting Services contract was signed between the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (MHCP) of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Consortium “AESA-EURO-FUNDING ADVISORY GROUP SL-DIGILOGICS-VERATIA GLOBAL SERVICES”, with the objective of executing Design and Implementation of the Management Control System for Inter-institutional Coordination at Nicaraguan border checkpoints.

The Management Control System (SCG) was designed and implemented as the interface between the identification devices for people or equipment at border posts and the Integral Risk Management System (SIGR). In other words, the system as such becomes one of the inputs or inputs that will feed the SIGR during the flow that determines whether or not an entry transaction at the border post represents a risk for the country.

As part of the scope, the AESA Consortium delivered the following Products:

(i) Technical specifications and quantification of all computer equipment and devices that make up the Management Control System.

(ii) Design and implementation of the interfaces required to show in the respective intelligent electronic signage, the corresponding unified electronic response of the Integral Risk Management System.

(iii) Design and implementation of the modules and components of the Management Control System, being at least the following:

to. Administration and User Registration.
b. Control of the interfaces that allow the operation.
c. Creation and automated updating of the “Electronic File.
d. Technological platform to store the data of the “Electronic File.
and. Statistics module and key performance indicators (KPI).
F. ETL processes.
g. Maintenance of catalogs required by the Management Control System.
h. Module for visual monitoring of the operational functioning of physical and software devices.
Yo. Interconnectivity with the Comprehensive Risk Management System (SIGR).
j. Non-intrusive inspection management module.
k. “Exit Control” module of the loading area.
he. Video Surveillance Module.

The SICOG is operable and in terms of its functionality, the tests were successfully carried out with the moving weighing scale device for the means of cargo transportation.

As part of the efforts to implement a new coordinated border management model, through the Border Integration Program (PIF 3484/BL-NI), all the components that make up the Management Control System were acquired, such as: profilers vehicles, dynamic weighing, RFID devices, plate readers and container numbers, physical and logical protection of the components at each of the control points and other project equipment.

Currently, the Integral Management Control System (SICOG) has a traditional monolithic software architecture, which has disadvantages: the larger the application, the more difficult it is to add new functions quickly. Due to the technological advance and the advantages that can be taken advantage of in order to improve the performance and use of the devices.

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