System for information registration, control of operations, and authorization of procedures for the export of wildlife species (NT 36 and NT 81) for the VUCE


Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy


Costa Rica

14/10/2022 – 14/09/2023

Unidad Coordinadora del Programa de Integración Fronteriza del Ministerio de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica


The Government of Costa Rica has signed with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) the Loan Agreement N°3488/OC-CR, approved by Law N°9451, for the financing of the Border Integration Program, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Costa Rica through the modernization of infrastructure, the equipment and its border systems, seeking to guarantee the efficient and effective coordination of controls by of the institutions with responsibility over those indicated and it is necessary to strengthen the tools computer systems that support public institutions and private users in their business transactions. It has been established that one of the basic pillars within which the Border Integration Program is framed PIF, corresponds to the improvement of border infrastructure, however, it is also evident that the impact of improvements in infrastructure would not be enough to achieve the proposed goals, since it is also necessary the strengthening of computer tools that support public institutions such as the System National Conservation Areas (SINAC) and private users in their management of services, procedures, and permits.

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