Development of the digital National Farmers Registry (dNFR) and implementation of the pilot phase


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Past week, our Technical Assistance team for the project under implementation “Development of the digital National Farmers Registry (dNFR) and implementation of the pilot phase, as a component of the vision for Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)” gathered in Moldova present to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) and to the Minister of Agriculture in Moldova a demo of software under development and interim results, as the developments in the legal framework and the technical framework (eg. IACS roadmap).

The “Farmers’ Register” is being developed with the support of UNDP Moldova and the Government of Japan. In early 2024, the testing phase of the Registry takes place. At this stage, at least ten thousand farmers will be registered in the system to test the functionality of the Register. The main objective of the initiative is to create a database, which will serve the needs of both farmers and the government in developing agricultural policies based on evidence and the real needs of farmers.

The development of the Farmer’s Registry is part of the “Multidimensional response to emerging human security challenges in Moldova” project funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova.

The team also followed and supervised the activity of data collection, which is being performed by a local company, IData. In addition to data collection, seminars will be organised in the districts, with the aim of informing farmers about the benefits and functionalities of the Register

We are both pleased and flattered to be part of and provide guidance in this initial and important step for the establishment of a digital National Farmers Registry for the Republic of Moldova.

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