Support programme for the fight against climate change in togo – PALCC+ (programme d’appui a la lutte contre les changements climatiques au togo)


Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy



06/2017 - 03/2022

EC - Delegation to Togo

1,277,100 €

The overall objective consists of supporting Togo in the implementation of a national response to the challenges posed by climate change. The current project falls within the framework of the Global Climate Change Alliance in ACP [Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific] countries and regions (priorities 2, 3 and 5). It addresses Togo’s vulnerability to climate change. Several initiatives are currently taking place within the sector in response to the effects of climate change. The project strengthens these initiatives, either through synergy, or complementarity, in order to increase its impact. In particular,The reduction of Togo’s climate vulnerability through measures for the preservation of forest resources and soil as well as through energy efficiency;
The improvement of the institutional framework linked to climate change in the country. The support and implementation modalities of the present project are
(1) direct management, within the framework of a grant contract with the NGOs specialised in environmental issues, the National Office of Development and Logging of Forests (ODEF) and Togo’s public universities and
(2) Indirect management, with the MERF [Department of the Environment and of Forest Resources] through programme estimates and others.