3rd Climsa forum in Seychelles: building on past successes inacp group’s climate response


Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy


The upcoming 3rd Climsa Forum in Seychelles marks a significant milestone in the ACP Group’s ongoing efforts to address climate change challenges. Building on the successes of previous forums, this diverse group of 79 ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????-???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????, ???????????? ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????, including 39 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), 15 Land-locked Developing Countries, and 37 Small Island Developing States (SIDS), continues to proactively tackle climate impacts.
???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? have been a focal point of discussion, recognized for their crucial role in enhancing resilience, saving lives, combating desertification, and improving livelihoods. Previous forums emphasized the importance of making existing climate services more readily available to different end users, ensuring that this valuable information reaches those who need it most for informed decision-making.
Interdisciplinary partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurship, and regional and national business opportunities have evolved as key strategies, with climate services at the forefront. Various socio-economic sectors in the ACP region, including agriculture, tourism, health, and disaster management, have benefited from climate information for sustainable planning.
Past discussions have highlighted the increasing climate variability in the ACP region due to global warming, urging proactive adaptation strategies. While current models are already very good, efforts have focused on ensuring that people make effective use of these valuable resources for precise climate data.
The 3rd Climsa Forum represents a continuation of the ACP Group’s commitment to leveraging reliable climate services to address climate change and align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants will draw from past achievements to explore practical solutions and strengthen collaborative efforts in making climate services more accessible to a diverse range of end users, thereby addressing pressing climate challenges.

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