Exciting Lineup at COP28!


Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy


Thrilled to share the incredible agenda of side events organized by ClimSA programme and AESA, focusing on “Building domestic capacity for effective resilience for ACP SIDS regions.” Join us for a series of dynamic discussions and collaborations:

“Advanced Climate Services for Knowledge-Driven Decision-Making Process for Sustainable Development” Joint Event OACPS with AUC and IOC

“Climate Services for Renewable Energy” Joint Event OACPS with AUC and RCCs

“South-South Cooperation within and between OACPS’ SIDS” Building capacity to provide climate services for adaptation Joint Event OACPS, SPREP, CIMH, African RCCs, and IOC

“Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (ClimSA) Event” Fostering South-South cooperation within and between OACPS’ SIDS Strengthening User Interface Platform for co-production of tailored climate services

“Fostering Regional User Interface Platform for Informed Climate Decision Making” Joint Event OACPS with the African Union Commission Regional Climate Centres

“The Role of the Multidimensional Vulnerability Index in Accessing Concessional Finance for Resilience Building” Major Joint Side Event OACPS with FERDI, OCTA, UKOTA, & GO-GREEN OVERSEAS

Exciting discussions, collaborative initiatives, and transformative ideas await us. Let’s come together to shape a resilient future!

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