Technical, environmental, economic and financial feasability studies, master plans and engineering design for water and sewage systems for medium-sized cities in the eastern region of Paraguay

Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy, Economic Development, Governance & Human Development,



03/2016 - 03/2019

Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC)

1,133,150 $

The general objective of the project is the improvement of sanitation conditions for the indigenous populations of Chaco and of the medium-sized cities in the eastern region of Paraguay.
The objectives of the National Sanitation Plan for Paraguay are, as the heading indicates, the provision of water and sanitation to all corners of the country, from the capital, Asunción, to the most remote countryside. As the financial resources agreed upon and concluded in the program framework place an emphasis on the solution of the sewage component, the Plan Guidelines will focus primarily on this sector.