System for information registration, control of operations, and authorization of procedures for the export of wildlife species (NT 36 and NT 81) for the VUCE

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Costa Rica

10/2022 - 09/2023

Unidad Coordinadora del Programa de Integración Fronteriza del Ministerio de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica

329,617 $

The objectives of this initiative are: (i) to implement a physical and regulatory system of effective control processes and tools; and (ii) to provide the Costa Rican border crossings with adequate infrastructure and equipment to respond effectively to the processes and tools for controlling people and cargo entering or leaving the country. This is consistent with the efforts made by the Central American countries to consolidate their regional integration process.
The Program comprises two specific components, the first aimed at improving the physical conditions and equipment of the border infrastructure and the second, at strengthening and coordinating the control processes of the responsible institutions.