Microservices Technology Update for the Implementation of the Management Control System for Interinstitutional Coordination at Nicaragua’s Border Control Posts


Economic Development



11/2022 - 03/2023


39,500 $

Design, develop and implement a microservices architecture for the interfaces that make up the integration of physical components, computer programs and interfaces of the Management Control System (SICOG), which operate in a coordinated manner and interact with each other and with the Integral Management System. of Risk (SIGR), in order to expedite the control of the flow of people, transport and goods that enter or leave the country through the border control posts of: El Guasaule, Peña Blanca and San Pancho.

The Management Control System must fully comply with the functional and security scheme defined in the technical annexes established for this consultancy and must be designed to allow the necessary scaling in the future to interconnect with other points of entry and exit from Nicaragua. .