Design, Development and Implementation of the Management Control System (SISCOG) of the land border centers.


Economic Development


Costa Rica

08/2021 - 10/2024

Unidad Coordinadora del Programa de IntegraciĆ³n Fronteriza del Ministerio de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica

1,400,000 $

Functionally analyze, technically design, as well as develop and put into operation the SISCOG for the Border Posts of Costa Rica, integrating the following components into it: Local control devices for each border post, such as cameras, access, RFID, scales, license plate readers, container information, etc.. Controllers that, through the appropriate interfaces, allow the information of the previous devices to be integrated into the system and all of this in a coordinated way and interacting with each other.
Computer equipment and local or cloud servers. And finally, all the information collected through these border devices be normalized, integrated, and sent to SINIGER, which will apply the inter-institutional risk analysis criteria to return the result to SISCOG, materializing, thus, on the selectivity of the revision of means of transport and immigration controls. Similarly, the information collected through border devices may be forwarded to other management systems of any of the institutions interested in SISCOG.