Contract for consulting services for the continuity of the implementation of actions of the institutional communication system of CRIE.


Economic Development



01/2023 - 03/2024


69,000 $

Develop innovative actions and relevant impact , necessary to give continuity to the implementation of the Institutional Communication System of the CRIE, considering as a reference the actions of the Strategic Communication Plan duly prioritized, using cutting-edge tools for optimal implementation, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the actions; so that, based on the results, it proposes and implements improvement actions that are considered appropriate and pertinent for the achievement of the communication objectives of the CRIE, thus enabling the Commission to develop and strengthen its institutional communication system in an assertive and effective manner. according to the nature of the functions of the Commission and in line with the institutional strategy, by strengthening the relationship, trust and transparency towards the key actors of the MER, with the ultimate goal of strengthening and positioning the institutional image