Training of Business Development Service providers for MSMEs in the Dominican Republic


Economic Development


Dominican Republic

06/2019 - 05/2022

Commerce and MSMEs of the Dominican Republic

1,870,506 €

The objectives of this contract are the following:
• Train the advisors of the CentroMipymes in C + P (Cleaner Production), Circular economy, commercial intelligence, associativity and transversal issues, such as gender and decent work.
o Training in C + P and circular economy will be complemented in practice by the participation of 8 companies in the C + P prize organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as the systematization and development of audiovisual materials for the dissemination of experience in implementing C + P practices;
o Training in business intelligence techniques will be exercised in companies through activities that support their actual management, with attention to gender equity and decent work.
o The training in associativity will be exercised in the CentroMipymes by the promotion of suitable associative groups for the achievement of the management objectives, both in terms of competitiveness of the grouped companies and in their insertion in value chains, even in those served through of the subsidies granted by the Program.
• Train the advisors of the CentroMipymes in certification support services. It includes: Calibration of equipment for companies and completion of the initial audit for certification by the certifying body, including the payment of 80% of the initial audit.
• Train the business development service providers of the CentroMipymes in the fields of Quality, Safety, Environment and in the Dominican regulation RTD-NORDOM 53