Strengthening of skills management capabilities – Training and training of trainers. Algeria. PAPSE

Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy, Governance & Human Development,



06/2016 - 11/2018

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

997,300 €

The main objective of the PAPSE programme, co-financed by the Algerian Government and the EU, is to strengthen the ability of the environmental sector to implement its environmental policy with a focus on the metropolitan area of Algiers, consistent with sustainable development. 3 components are required for its implementation: – A strengthening of the Sectoral Strategy for the Environment, – Institutional Strengthening and -Integrated Development of the Watersheds of the Coastal Region.
in particular, this project gives support to the environmental sector policy in Algeria, and more specifically a strengthening of the capabilities and skills of the sector in formulating, implementing and assessing national programmes and environmental strategy.