Implementation of trade part of the EU– Central Americas association agreement


Economic Development


Costa Rica

11/2020 - 11/2023


2,950,000 €

The overall objective of this action is to promote EU interests in Central America by fostering a more secure economic environment that sustains economic growth built on values, while ensuring that trade between the Parties is conducted in a rules-based, fair and predictable manner. Thus, the project fits within Commission President U. Von der Leyen’s headline ambition of having “A stronger ope in the world” as it contributes to the successful delivery on the implementation and enforcement of EU trade agreements, a major trade policy priority of the new Commission. The proposed activity will also contribute to implementation of EU regional objectives, in particular the partnership for prosperity set out in the EU’s 2019 Communication on relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.

The specific objectives of the action will be to:
3. Provide support for EU access to the Central America market.
4. Support the implementation of the trade part of the Association Agreement.

The first specific objective is to provide support for EU access to the Central American market and to create a more favourable trade and investment environment in the following key areas: (i) goods; (ii) services; (iii) investment; (iii) intellectual property rights; (iv) trade-related environmental aspects of sustainable development; (v) public procurement.

The second specific objective will be to support the implementation of the trade part of the Association Agreement, commitments in the field of customs, market access and non-tariff barriers to trade (goods and services), public procurement, intellectual property and trade-related environmental aspects of sustainable development for instance by monitoring and assessing compliance. This specific objective will be achieved through identification of a list of legislative measures and administrative procedures of Central American the respective fields covered by, and relevant to, the implementation of the Agreement in the region, in particular focusing on customs, public procurement and non-tariff barriers in access of EU products to the Central American markets. Where possible, this would be supplemented by an estimate of their potential harmful impact in economic terms. Identification of opportunities in sectors that are linked to sustainability (e.g. energy, environment, etc.) and digital economy. Increase understanding of the mutual benefits of EU-CA Association Agreement and enhance the image of the EU as a prime partner for Central American countries.