Consultancy for the design, development, and implementation of the Comprehensive Regional Risk Management System (SGIRR) within the framework of the Central American Digital Platform of Commerce


Economic Development



11/2020 - 11/2023


785,910 $

Functionally analyze, technically design, as well as develop and implement the Comprehensive Regional Risk Management (SGIRR) computer system, integrating into it the data sources or systems of the regional institutions involved, identifying and / or generating the respective profiles, indicators of risk, analytical models and regional alerts, corresponding to their operations, for all this to be modeled and implemented in the solution.
More specifically:
• Have a risk management system (SGIRR) that complies with the technical specifications of this document and that interoperates directly with the PDCC and on demand, with the national systems of the institutions linked to the PDCC of the 6 countries of the region .
• Accompany and support institutions in the creation of mechanisms and methodologies to guarantee correct risk management at the regional level.
• Develop the necessary and essential computer tools for comprehensive regional risk management.