Veterinary and Animal Health

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AESA offers efficient, prompt, courteous veterinary services that are and mainly focused to building the ability and capacity of National Public Veterinary Services in the areas of inspection, animal disease control schemes, animal health, animal welfare, and in the setting up and implementation of Animal Identification and Registration Systems.

AESA Veterinary and Animal Health Services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients in the following areas of focus:

Establishment and Capacity Building of competent authorities in Veterinary and Animal health issues

Setting up Animal Identification and Registration Systems (AI&R Systems)

Veterinary Information Systems

Veterinary Legislation

Establishment and management of Border Inspection Posts (BIP)

Animal Welfare

Establishment and management of Border Inspection Posts(BIP)


Contingency Plans

Animal Welfare

SPS (Sanitary and phytosanitary standards)

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