Agricultural & rural Development
Farm Management and Agribusiness Development

Farm Management and Agribusiness Development

Since its foundation, Agriconsulting Group traditional activities have focused on providing technical assistance in farm management and agribusiness development.

Our farm management unit, headquartered in Rome, is a commercial focused consultancy delivering a results-based approach to our clients. We therefore set up strong partnership with our clients to create innovative and strategic solutions for their farm management and agribusiness investments.
The Agriconsulting Group manages around 25,000 Ha of farm land across Italy, owned by Private and institutional clients who entrust their farm land investments to competent, reliable and profitable technical and management experts in order to maximize a return on their investment.
For many years Agriconsulting has formulated an original farming agreement that enables clients to manage their land in a profitable and sustainable way and to add value to their investments.
Our agribusiness activities enable us to deliver the best results to our clients, in large-scale business operations along the agricultural value chain.( from production, processing, and distribution).

AESA Farm Management and Agribusiness Development Services, also provide an overview of agricultural potential in specific countries by assessing current and future business trends that are likely to impact the investment decisions of clients.

Services provided

Investments Appraisals, Planning and Feasibility Studies

Agribusiness Management and Farming Operations

Agricultural Value Chains (Crop Production, Processing, Marketing, Distribution) etc.

Livestock Management and Breeding

Design and delivery of trainings in farm management and agribusiness development

Introduction and application of new technologies (IoT, precision farming etc.)

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