Technical Assistance Supporting Agriculture Value Chain

Agriculture & Rural Development



04/2017 - 12/2020


1,792,000 $

The key objectives of the TA are to:
(i) Improve the technical and marketing capacity of agro-enterprises and cooperatives of project target subsectors, particularly PPEs and cooperatives who are sub-loan recipients from the project;
(ii) Improve the technical and marketing capacity of other agro-enterprises and cooperatives in the target subsectors selectively and the technical capacity of primary producers (e.g., herders and farmers) and processors who provide raw materials to those subsectors;
(iii) Establish a process for brand development and management that is sustainable and replicable by institution(s), charged with managing the process through a demonstration effect with enterprises in the sectors of high export potential, and involving other enterprises in the longer-term; and
(iv) Facilitate the matchmaking between selected Mongolian enterprises and International brands, and establish brand partnership agreements between at least three Project participating enterprises and international brands.