Development and Implementation of a Database for the National Animal Identification and Traceability System in Georgia

Agriculture & Rural Development



11/2017 - 11/2020


349,100 $

The aim of the project is to progress the implementation of NAITS that will primarily enhance NFA’s disease control and food safety measures, as well as meet Georgia’s commitment to the Association Agreement with the European Union (EU) to implement the Acquis Communautaire. The immediate impact of this project will be an enhanced competitiveness of Georgian agriculture achieved through improvement of the food safety and animal health standards. The outcome of this project will be the establishment of an integrated European Union compliant National Animal Identification, Registration and Traceability Systems in Georgia for cattle, small ruminants and pigs. The SW that will be developed will allow the identification and registration of the all the animal movements (birth, transport, death, seasonal transhumance, change of ownership etc) enhancing the capacity for the national veterinary service to monitor the movement control of farm animals and limiting their displacement in case of disease outbreaks. The same system will contribute to improve the country food safety level by allowing full traceability of each animal product.