AESA specializes in strengthening civil society, local development, and migration policies. We enhance the role of civil society, promote decentralization, manage grant schemes, fostering community development. Our expertise includes project design, evaluation, and policy analysis, contributing to sustainable development and conflict prevention while addressing critical issues such as human trafficking and security sector reform.

Navigating Governance and Security

Governance is the way decisions are made and authority is exercised in organizations, institutions, or societies. It includes rules, processes, and structures that guide actions and behaviour, whether in governments, global issues, nonprofits, or communities, to ensure accountability and effectiveness.
AESA is working mainly in the security sectors and in public sector institutional development and capacity building.

Provided services

Strengthening of civil society & local development

Enhancement of the role of civil society

Decentralization & community development grant schemes management & evaluation ngo support

Programming and project design

Monitoring and evaluation

Preparation of terms of reference, evaluation of offers (procurement), etc.

Impact assessment

Dissemination of project results and good practice

Awareness raising activities

(cross-) Sectoral policies and reforms

Policy analysis and targeted policy advice

Data collection and analysis

Capacity building activities including study visits, training and event facilitation


Migration and development policies and strategies

Integrated border management

Prevention and fighting of human trafficking

Conflict prevention and resolution, peace, and security

Small arms and light weapons

Linking relief, rehabilitation and development

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risk mitigation

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risk mitigation

Risk management

Field drills and table-top exercises

Security sector reform (police, civilian oversight, etc.)

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